Training and awareness

Technology is nothing without control: technology is only a side of a cybersecurity strategy, most cybercriminal exploit human weaknesses to corrupt or gain access to sensible information.

Here at Fragma Security we can provide training to make employees aware of the threat and keep IT professional up to date on new vulnerabilities and about the solution to prevent a breach.

Training and awareness

According to the last Clusit report phishing and social engineering are one of the main vectors of attack, almost 20% of the fraud are perpetrated through phishing.

Social engineering and phishing exploit “vulnerabilities in people” to obtain access to valuable information or impersonate someone.

Fragma Security provides training dedicated to all employees, our approach mixes online training and face to face lessons to improve the learning process and our experts will provide regular report on the advancements of the user.

During the process we can provide phishing campaign to test how the trainee respond to the training.

Training and awareness
Technical training

ICT and related threats are in constant evolution, Fragma provides specific training in various areas of expertise such as ICS (Industrial CyberSecuirty) and SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle).