ICS (Industrial Cyber Security)

Industrial control systems are becoming everyday more and more interconnected with IT network and Internet exposing production plant to cyber-attack.
OT environments have different requirements respect to IT’s, we have a unique approach to assess and protect industrial plant.


In an OT network there are different type technologies ranging from Ethernet to Profinet and proprietary protocol. Thanks to collaboration with CSMT (Profinet and Profibus competence center) and international penetration tester we can provide assessment for a wide range of network protocol.
With our expertise we also provide assessment on specific device like PLC and IoT appliance both at software and hardware level


Knowing how OT infrastructures operate and how the components communicate between each other is fundamental to guarantee a secure environment.
Fragma Security offers tailormade training on how to securely deploy new OT equipment and how to approach cybersecurity on productive plant
Our people provide courses and laboratories about how to securely engineer new industrial devices (PLCs, sensors and IoT appliances).