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Cyber threats are evolving, every day new vulnerabilities are discovered. To be safe also protection need to evolve.


Fragma provides both attack simulation (red team) and advisory to plan and implement better security measure (blue team)


Penetration testing evaluates the security of your network. It is not an automated assessment: it is conducted by real people who try to force your system and acquire maximum privilege to exfiltrate information.

There are different types of assessments: the intruder can be external to your network and tests only the services exposed to internet or the assessment can be conducted from the internal network. We can even try to test the security of you Wi-Fi network.

The attack can be conducted without any information about your infrastructure (black-box) or with a partial knowledge of it (grey-box).

Purple Team

Reporting is a key aspect of the assessment. We provide both technical and executive report.

Technical report is dedicated to IT department, it explains in detail the vulnerabilities we found and how they can be exploited.

Executive report is dedicated to top management, its purpose is to explain the finding to non-technical staff suggesting a strategy to increase security.

Purple Team

In addition to the assessment we can also train and support your IT team in order to increase your cybersecurity level and ability to respond to an attack.